You're a yoga lover -- a movement enthusiast -- and intrigued by all things holistic health


But you probably struggle to find time to make it to your local studio (if you even have one)…or you’re so busy teaching your own classes that there never seems to be enough time for your own self-practice. 

Maybe you’re new to yoga and searching for an approach to yoga practice that is integrative, creative and non-dogmatic : one that yokes the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda with modern movement sciences. 

Dear yoga lover, you are in the right place. The Wisdom Method™ Virtual Studio is a system of empowered self-care practices drawn from both ancient and modern health sciences. Weaving together the scientific and the subtle, the Wisdom Method™ provides a person-centered approach to lifestyle, mindfulness and movement. 

The result? A person-centered practice to honor your unique body and needs. 

A few questions for you ...

  • Do you want sacred yoga instruction, focused on moving your unique body in healing ways? 
  • Are you aching for integrative yoga education that is science-based, knowledgable and deep in ancient wisdom? 
  • Are you tired of one-size-fits all yoga, dogmatic and rigid rules of instruction that disregard your innate intelligence and afford no respect to seasonal practices and life cycle changes? 
  • Are you longing for a comprehensive, life-long yoga practice –one that meets you where you are, grows with you as you change and gives your unique and precious body the respect it deserves? 
  • Yoga teachers, are you tired of not having your own needs for yoga met, struggling to fit your practice in between your classes? 
  • Yoga teachers, are you searching for integrative yoga therapeutic instruction, with a graduate-trained master yoga educator approved to offer continuing education with the Yoga Alliance? 

The Wisdom Method Virtual Studio is centered on fitting yoga to the person and learning how to become our own greatest teacher.

Who this is for ...

  • Movement enthusiasts who want skillful instruction in the yogic arts —with clear and thoughtful explanations of how a yoga practice can balance their unique movement patterns and prevent injury 
  • Yoga novices who are longing for a body-positive practice that meets them where they are, dismisses rigid rules and provides a safe and exciting environment to explore the shapes (asana), breath work (pranayama) and lifestyle practices of a yoga lifestyle 
  • Yoga beginners who want to build a practice from the foundation of intelligent and safe movement patterns, before ever stepping into a studio! (or to enrich the studio experience) 
  • Yoga enthusiasts who want comprehensive yoga instruction informed by Eastern mindfulness and healing traditions and Western movement sciences—rather than a “yoga flavor of the month” or a rigid practice filled with lineage-specific rules and To-Do’s. 
  • Yoga practicioners who want sacred yoga instruction that honors their unique body and encompasses the full spectrum of the yogic healing arts: physical, energetic, mental and emotional. 
  • Yoga teachers who want to grow their understanding and deepen their knowledge of the rich tapestry of the yoga traditions. 
  • Yoga educators who want access to skillful practices, meditations and lectures with a Master Yoga Educator to enrich their own teaching. 
  • Anyone who is eager and excited to learn about all aspects of yoga —more than just poses: evolution, transformation, and seasonal life-stage centered yoga — and want the convenience of an on-demand, virtual studio experience. 

How it works & a sneak peak inside ...

The Wisdom Method™ Virtual Studio is an on-demand private yoga studio that comes to you –in the comfort of your own home, on vacation, on your next business trip, or anywhere you are. Access the Wisdom Method™ Virtual Studio from your your smartphone, tablet, or computer —wherever you are, you have access to the practices, meditations and lifestyle supports to keep you balanced, centered and strong. 

Rather than replacing live classes, this is the perfect complement to them: allowing you to expand your knowledge of the rich tapestry of yoga in the areas you feel most resonance. 

The Wisdom Method™ encompasses the full range of the wisdom traditions in safe, sacred yoga instruction taught by certified Yoga Therapist, Kellie Adkins in the Wisdom Method™ style of yoga. The classes include flow-based, structural alignment classes, yin yoga classes, restorative yoga classes, guided meditations, Yoga Nidra classes and pranayama instruction. Best of all, there are pose breakdowns, injury-prevention tips, and philosophy and roots-of-yoga lectures. 

Classes range from 10 minute lectures to full-length classes (60-90 minutes) and include pranayama, guided meditation and structural, alignment-based flow informed by Ayurveda. Wisdom Method™ Flow is not “fast, kick-your-asana flow” – Wisdom Method™ Flow classes will lovingly encourage deep awareness of movement+breath, while challenging your attention to safe and integrated asana practice. 

There are also full length Restorative practices and deeply nourishing Yin yoga practices. 

The videos are secured in a private, members-only site. You will receive a log-in password. The program is all online (no DVDs) so you must have internet access.


Why the Wisdom Method ...

There are many styles of yoga and it is difficult to discern which is best, which rules to follow and how to apply the conflicting information to one’s practice on and off the mat. It wasn’t until I yoked the insights from my graduate training in Western sciences with my undergraduate studies in Eastern philosophy and my thousands of hours of training that I began to integrate my practice on the mat with my life off the mat. It is my wish to share the gift of embodying a safer practice and the benefits of an integrative approach to yoga with each member of the Wisdom Method™ Virtual Studio. 

I created the Wisdom Method™ approach to yoga to both heal my own hyper-flexible body after damage from certain types of practice and to impart the essential gifts of mindfulness, conscious lifestyle and Ayurveda. I have practiced and studied many styles of mind-body movements (including many types of “traditional” yoga, Tai Chi and sacred dance): I love them all. I have had the good fortune to study with gifted teachers from many different movement arts who helped me learn about my body and learn what I needed most in my practice to create healthy movement patterns and a strong, lifelong practice: throughout the changes in my life (including pregnancy, the postpartum period + the joys of motherhood).

From the Wisdom Method Community ...

The Wisdom Method is a very intuitive practice that offers opportunity for each individual’s needs to shine through. Personally, I find the in-depth anatomy explained in relation to the postures and the yoga therapeutic applications of the practice to be the most valuable components of the Wisdom Method practice. 

— Kelly Armstrong, RYT200, yoga therapist

The Wisdom Method has opened my mind and heart to more possibilities and has changed the way I look at my own and others’ bodies. I love the emphasis on meditation, too! 

—Lindsay McLaughlin, RYT200, yoga therapist in-training 

I was drawn to the Wisdom Method program because of my desire to use yoga as medicine in my own life and then be able to share with others. I was totally unprepared for the fact my expectations would be exceeded! The information was organized and presented in an articulate, digestible manner. I also found Kellie’s teaching style so lovely and relatable. 

— Renee Novello, RYT200, yoga therapist

The Wisdom Method has been the single most enlightening investment I have made in my career as a yoga teacher and in my experience as a yogini. My physical practice has never felt safer. I’m in less pain than ever. I’m approaching life more mindfully each day. And I get to share all of that with my students. 

—Laura Dos Santos, RYT200, yoga therapist in-training

After exploring the Wisdom Method, I have been able to find more balance in my personal practice. I was primarily a vinyasa teacher and now I have been able to cultivate a stillness practice of my own. In finding this side, I have been able to share the practice more authentically with my students and I have been able to connect with myself and others on a much deeper and insightful level. I feel more aware and at peace than I have ever felt in my entire life and I look forward to sharing this with those who cross my path on the mat. 

—Chris Oemler, RYT-200, CPYT, yoga therapist


Who I am ...

Hi, I’m Kellie Adkins, creator of the Wisdom Method™ and the founder and director of the integrative yoga and wellness institute, the Wisdom Method School of Yoga. I began practicing integrative yoga –including meditation and conscious lifestyle practices– at age 17 and never looked back. Though I practiced many styles of yoga over the past 18 years, it wasn’t until learning more about Western nutrition, anatomy and biomechanics in graduate school and Eastern wellness supports in yoga therapeutic training and Ayurveda training that the full benefits of “yoga” were revealed. After nearly 10,000 hours of teaching yoga, wellness and conscious lifestyle to people ages 5 to 95 (and many of those hours spent in a yoga education environment), I distilled the essence of the Wisdom Method™ to it’s most central and insightful tenets to bring this truly integrative and life-shifting practice to a wider audience. 

My Promise to You ...

I promise to always over-deliver high quality content that will enliven your yogic journey with wisdom, insight and inspiration. I promise to teach you how to deeply listen to your unique and precious body plus basic functional anatomy and healthy movement patterns, so you can apply the healing power of therapeutic yoga to yourself - on a daily basis.

You will have the opportunity to practice Foundational, Therapeutic, 

Advanced and Yoga Lifestyle sequences in the virtual studio.